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**A Story of Hope and Gratitude from Mother’s Pantry**


In the heart of our community, Mother’s Pantry stands as a beacon of hope and compassion. One of our families, the Johnsons, embodies the transformative impact our services have on the lives we touch.

Like many in our area, the Johnson family faced a challenging year. Job losses and unexpected medical expenses made it difficult for them to make ends meet. With three young children to care for, putting nutritious food on the table became an overwhelming concern.

When the Johnsons first visited Mother’s Pantry, they were met with warmth and understanding. Our volunteers welcomed them openly, ensuring they felt respected and valued. The Pantry’s shelves, stocked with fresh produce, dairy, proteins, and pantry staples, provided them with a week’s worth of groceries. Beyond just food, they found a community ready to support them.

Mrs. Johnson shared, “Mother’s Pantry has been our lifeline. The quality and variety of food we receive here mean that my children can eat healthily and go to school with full bellies. But it’s more than just the food. It’s the dignity and respect we’re treated with. We don’t feel like we’re asking for a handout; we feel part of a caring community.”

Many of the families we serve echo this sentiment. Mother’s Pantry is not just a place to get food—it’s a place where people find dignity, support, and a sense of belonging. Our mission to offer food with dignity ensures that everyone who walks through our doors feels valued and respected.

The gratitude expressed by the families fuels our commitment to continue serving with compassion and respect. Seeing the smiles and relief on their faces as they leave with grocery bags reaffirms the importance of our work.

Thank you to all our supporters and volunteers for making this possible. Together, we are creating a community where everyone has access to nutritious food and the respect they deserve.


Volunteer in the Food Pantry:

  • Assist clients through our food pantry program
  • Your support in sorting, shelving, and stocking food items in our warehouse is crucial
  • Time commitment is flexible: you can volunteer on a weekly basis or whenever you’re available

Become a Client Intake Volunteer:

  • Provide personalized assistance to clients 
  • Your role will involve guiding clients through completing their shopping lists and performing basic computer entry
  • We welcome volunteers on a weekly basis or whenever you can spare your time.

From Our Hearts To Yours



Dear Friends and Neighbors,

As the Executive Director of Operation Refuge, I am filled with immense joy and gratitude as I reflect on the incredible journey we’ve shared together in our vibrant community. Mothers Pantry is more than just a place to receive food; it is a beacon of hope, a symbol of compassion, and a testament to our community’s strength and resilience.

Every day, we are inspired by the stories of courage, the acts of kindness, and the unwavering support that each of you brings to Mothers Pantry. Through your generous contributions, your volunteer efforts, and your heartfelt support, we can continue to serve those in need with dignity and love.

Our mission goes beyond nourishing the body; we strive to nourish the soul by fostering a sense of belonging and solidarity. We are dedicated to ensuring everyone who walks through our doors feels seen, valued, and supported. Together, we create a welcoming space where everyone can find the help they need and the community they deserve.

As we move forward, let us continue to build on this foundation of service and joy. Let us celebrate our shared humanity and the unique bonds that unite us. Whether you are a longtime supporter or a new friend, your presence and participation are invaluable to us.

Thank you for being a part of the Mothers Pantry family. Together, we are making a profound difference in the lives of many, and we are deeply grateful for that.

With heartfelt appreciation,

Pastor Jean Overman
Executive Director,

Operation Refuge

Mother’s Pantry relies on contributions from individuals, organizations, and local businesses to sustain our efforts and to continue providing food the community.

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