Mission: The nature of our organization is to enhance the quality of life, to be a resource component, and to make a positive difference in the lives of our community. To help others see the possibilities and give them an opportunity to succeed.

Operation Refuge: We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit headquartered in Inkster, Michigan with the belief that we the citizens are able to assist our community in creating an incredible future. Our goal is to assist individuals by providing family support, meeting basic needs, support collaborative efforts. Our programs are designed with our citizens needs as our number one priority.

Our Flagship Programs

Mother’s Pantry: A “client choice” food pantry is a model of emergency food distribution that enables clients to select their own food, much like a grocery store. Unlike most pantries, which provide clients with fixed boxes of food with no ability to select the items included, client choice pantries allow clients the ability to choose from a wide variety of foods, better-enabling clients to meet their personal dietary needs.
Our youth programming is dedicated to meeting the need for quality educational programming.  Creating rich, engaging experiences for our youth. We offer high-quality activities that stimulate curiosity and creativity, including educational enrichment, cultural arts, career education and community service.  Also we create opportunities for caring relationships to form between young people and adults.